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گروه پویا فیلتر

POOYA FILTER GROUP is founded at 1990 with the goal of to become worldwide company in development and production of filter press, Screw press, Filter Plate and related products. POOYA FILTER has been successfully serving the many sectors in IRAN since its inception. Some of these sectors are; Mining, Chemical and Biological Plants, Electrolysis, Galvanizing, Sugar, Food, Tile, Porcelain Production, Clay and Kaolin Production and Treatment Systems.

If the equipments is selected inappropriate and have inadequate quality level, it will affect the efficiency of the plants in a bad way and cause unnecessary electricity expenditures besides that these equipments may cause to block the operation of the plant. POOYA FILTER is a unique company that aware of the functions and the purposes of these equipments and know how to work treatment plants and prove that with a lot of work that has done which are successfully serving too many industries.

In this context, POOYA FILTER is established in Isfahan, with experienced technical personnel and production and operating engineers.
The next target of POOYA FILTER is to become a global company and increase the competitive capacity with the competitors all over the world by the help of its experienced personnel.

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